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  • If you are reading this and wondering if you should use Mike Bifalco for your tax preparation; please read on as to why you absolutely should. My story? I had never met Mike and saw his website while randomly searching the internet and decided I needed his help. I was so desperate to get my tax issues solved because I had not filed my taxes in three years. Personally, I had gone through a difficult divorce and custody battle and solving my complex tax issues was never a priority. I was so far behind that for a long time, I was just waiting for the IRS to send me a letter (and start to garnish my wages) or even knock on my door with a certified letter. I contacted Mike and was able to successfully get my taxes done and get me back on track. As a person he was easy to work with, is very detail oriented and truly looked to help me. Professionally, I feel he was more than just taking care of my tax preparation, but was watching out for my best interest. Although he started as a complete stranger (when I randomly found him on the internet), I feel that he not only did a great job, but now would call him a friend. Mike will be doing my tax preparation every year.

    Patrick Z. Ephrata, PA
  • This is my seventh year with Mike Bifalco Tax Services. Before I started coming to him, I had been using a national tax service and not getting much of a refund. The first year I met with Mike, he not only filed my taxes, but reviewed and amended my 3 prior years and got me more money back for each year. I couldn’t believe it. I am extremely happy with all the services Mike provides and will definitely be a client for life.

    Alfred Rodriguez Alexandria, VA
  • I have never really understood what was going on with my taxes. The accountant I used for many years would take all of my paperwork, complete the forms, and take my check. Then I met Mike. That was the first time that somebody took the time to ask me questions to find the most deductions for me. As we went through the process, Mike thoroughly explained everything to me before I signed and submitted my taxes. I have used Mike for the past three years and have now found my tax accountant. Thank you for the exceptional service.

    Beverly Atkins Middletown, PA
  • I hired Mike to do my 2013 taxes. I was very impressed with his incredible knowledge, attention to detail, and responsiveness. He made sure my return was correctly prepared and submitted on time. He also gave me very valuable tax planning advice for the future, which I wasn't even expecting. I had a couple of issues with the IRS from previous tax years and Mike took care of everything; including talking to the IRS agent with me. I will continue to use Mike in the future and feel confident to refer any of my friends and clients to him, as I know they will be in good hands.

    Greg Minton Hershey, PA
  • I know there are many people that can help you with your taxes, but Mike is different than most other accountants. He came to our home and explained everything in great detail. He walked us through the return; asking us questions and finding additional write-offs. Mike gave us great advice on changes to make to our withholdings and ways to increase our end of year refund. He is diligent and committed to getting you the biggest return. And he is funny too. We have never enjoyed having our taxes done as much as we did with Mike. We will definitely be using him again next year and highly recommend him to anyone who wants their income tax return done correctly and affordably.

    Jim and Nora Kolczynski Mechanicsburg, PA
  • If you file taxes, you need Mike! He is truly an expert and has been an invaluable tool for me and my family. He is an expert in both business and personal taxes. When you have a question, he replies quickly and with detailed answers. If you are looking for an accountant, you must meet with Mike. He has been my tax advisor for the last nine years, and my experience with him has been nothing less than spectacular! His attention to detail and deep knowledge of the ever changing tax laws is nothing short of amazing. He is always available for even the most mundane of questions, and has never failed in providing quick, easy to understand answers to even the most complex of questions. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a top notch tax accountant/advisor!

    Bruce Mulligan Street, MD
  • Dealing with estate issues and real estate issues during a confusing time was overwhelming. Mike was great at explaining what he was doing so it will be easier for me to have all the right documentation the first time.

    Julie Smallwood Hershey, PA
  • I've always been leery of having my taxes done at one of the large tax services or at a booth in the mall. It seems so public and at a time when identity theft is at an all-time high, risky. In addition, corralling our six children in the process would be almost impossible. Mike made a house call to do our taxes, which was such a blessing. I could focus on business and the kids could play in their own space. Mike was professional, punctual, and most of all accurate.

    Regina Arledge Elizabethtown, PA
  • My wife and I had been looking for a reliable tax service for our small business for years. We finally found Bifalco Tax Services and we couldn't be happier! Mike Bifalco put our worries at ease. From the moment we met him, we immediately felt comfortable with Mike. He was friendly, courteous and very professional. He amended several previous years’ filings for both our business and personal taxes, yielding a significant savings for us. Most impressive though, has been his knowledge of the tax code and credits available to our business. Our calls and our questions are always answered very promptly. We would recommend anyone that needs a tax service to call him. Mike Bifalco is much more than a professional to us; he is also now our friend

    Robin and Amy Emswiler-Brown Camp Hill, PA
  • Mike has been doing our taxes since 2009, and Mike has always treated us like family. He knows our unique situations, and works with us to maximize our return. His advice has been invaluable and the service provided has been and continues to be exceptional.

    Mike and Barbara Mallon Centreville, VA
  • Mike far exceeded my expectations. He was personable, professional, and quick. He assisted me in catching up with prior filings and showed me how to stay on track for all future filings. He saved me money and gave me one less thing to worry about. I recommend him to anyone who appreciates professional, quality, timely, and reasonably priced services.

    Julia Bell Springfield, VA
  • I can't say enough about my experience with Mike. He is knowledgeable, professional and personable. He really knows his stuff and goes out of his way to explain, advise and prepare personal and business documents long after tax season is over! I will NEVER use another tax professional other than Mike. Thank you Mike! I feel like you're part of my family!

    Faye and Waine Fowler Hershey, PA
  • The phrase, "above and beyond", does not do justice for the professionalism shown by Mike. He stayed and continues to stay in contact throughout the entire tax process and after; never leaving any doubt as to what will happen next. I was skeptical about leaving my previous tax consultant but I never would have known how good it truly can be had I not been recommended to him. Mike you are a true God send and I appreciate you, brother.

    Lawrence Gooden Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Michael, I can't thank you enough for the stress relief you provided, I was 4 years behind on my taxes and Michael came to my home on Mother’s Day morning. He started the process and completed it very rapidly; at a cost that was extremely reasonable. Michael really delivered!

    Keith Thomas Harrisburg, PA
  • The first word that comes to mind to describe Mike is awesome. But then, I also need to add professional, knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and funny. I was five years behind on filing my taxes and Mike came to my home, reviewed everything with me, and immediately set about taking care of my tax problem. He even managed to get me a return from the IRS and the state. And throughout the entire process, he made me feel comfortable and assuaged all of my concerns. His knowledge of the tax laws, available deductions and credits, and opportunities to reduce your taxable income is nothing short of amazing. And how often can you say that you were able to laugh while going through the tax process. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants their taxes done perfectly at an affordable price.

    Brian and Karen Wellinger Fairfax, VA
  • I had Mike prepare many years of tax returns for me. I was pretty much in debt with the IRS, but after I met with him, he filed all my back taxes and it looks like I may be getting a return now. Thanks Mike, it was a blessing finding you. Words can't express how awesome you are and how you got the job done was amazing. I feel so much better resting at night knowing that my back tax situations with the IRS have come to an end and the nightmare of them seizing up my bank accounts and levying my property is over. Once again, thank you Mike. I am truly happy.

    Fred Drake Etters, PA
  • I would highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for tax advice. I was quite behind on my filing and definitely in over my head. He took care of everything for me at a very reasonable price. He always followed up with me and was great at explaining everything.

    Shane Trout Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Michael Bifalco offers an outstanding service in tax preparation. His accounting practices are meticulous and precise. He pays attention to detail and is very knowledgeable in respective federal state and local tax codes. The prices are beyond reasonable as we use him for both business and personal tax filings. I recommend Mike to anyone who wants their taxes done thoroughly and accurately.

    Marc Domingos Mechanicsburg, PA
  • I have always been the type of person to do my own taxes through Turbo Tax. I must say, after having Mike prepare my taxes this year, I'll never do them myself again. His knowledge is worth every penny. He's incredibly helpful and explains everything when I have any questions. To top it off, he's a very nice, genuine person! I will definitely have him do my taxes again next year!

    Amanda Womack Mechanicsburg, PA
  • My wife and have been clients of Michael’s for the past four years. He is the best by far! Whatever questions that we have, he responds quickly and he will follow up to make sure that we've received our refund. Michael is very detailed and makes sure that he takes his time to be sure that he gets the most for us. He is prompt and professional and we would recommend Michael to anyone who needs their taxes done.

    Sylvia and Shantel Jones York, PA
  • Mike I just want to thank you for help again this year in preparing our taxes. I really appreciate the time and attention to detail you give to our tax preparation. I know our taxes are complicated due to the fact I have a business and we own a rental property. I will definitely recommend you to those who are looking for a tax preparer! Thank you again.

    Suze Moll and John Wilson Harrisburg, PA
  • My wife and I found Michael by chance after browsing his website looking for an accountant to do our 2016 taxes. Having never met Mike before, it was a little nerve racking to hand over our personal information and taxes to someone we didn’t know. But Mike's honesty and integrity was immediately apparent and we felt very comfortable with him. He stayed in constant contact with us, keeping us up to date with our business and personal returns and offering advice and recommendations for 2017. He also explained everything to us in a way we could understand. We can't say enough about his thorough and organized work and he will be doing our taxes from now on. We highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a good tax preparer.

    Daniel and Vicki Baker, Owner/Operator of Waynesboro Municipal Golf Course Mechanicsburg, PA
  • We used to work with a small tax firm that, over the years, grew larger and became impersonal and expensive. We missed being able to reach out and ask questions and expect a prompt response. And, we were concerned with the rising costs. Then, we met Mike Bifalco. He's an exceptionally knowledgeable and courteous man with great interpersonal skills and reasonable rates. We feel a rapport and share the same values with him. Everyone has heard the slogan, "You're in good hands." And, that is how we feel about placing our trust in Mike.

    Bob and Linda Durgin Harrisburg, PA
  • 2015 was the first year my wife and I met with Michael Bifalco for our taxes and we are extremely happy. Mike is knowledgeable and an expert in his field. He has already saved us a lot of money and I'm sure we will be one of his many permanent clients. Michael spends time with you; discussing your situation and making sure you get the most deductions available. He also takes the time to walk you through your entire return and explaining each form. He goes above and beyond supporting you making you feel at ease about your taxes. Michael even took the time to call the IRS to follow up on our return. He is definitely an asset to have on your side.

    David Khodadad Fairfax, VA
  • Mike Bifalco is an excellent choice for preparing your taxes. He is knowledgeable and up-to-date on tax law and spends the time necessary to review and prepare accurate tax documents. We had our previous year tax returns completed by another accountant and we owed money to the IRS. Mike reviewed everything and filed an amended return; resulting in a substantial refund instead of us owing money. I highly recommend Mike for your tax preparation.

    Marilyn Bahm Harrisburg, PA
  • For many years, we used an accountant who would have us drop off our tax information and would mail the returns back to us a few weeks later. Besides no explanation of what was filed, the price was astronomical. Then in 2015, we met Mike Bifalco from Bifalco Tax Services. Mike came to our business and walked us through the entire tax filing process for our corporate and personal taxes. He reviewed our records and asked us a lot of questions so he could find the most deductions. Mike delivered the completed tax returns to us and walked us through each return; thoroughly explaining the process. And he did it all for a great price. We plan to continue to use Mike for all of our tax needs and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tax professional that is thorough, accurate, and knowledgeable.

    Mike and Peggy Sariano Mechanicsburg, PA
  • I had a huge tax lien filed against me for not filing my income tax returns for many years. I contacted the big name tax companies and they would not even consider assisting me. I then contacted the tax relief companies you see on television and they wanted to charge an astronomical amount and offered no guarantee that my issues with the IRS would be resolved. Then I found Mike Bifalco and I could not be happier. He not only agreed to handle all of my tax flings, but he provided me with excellent personal service and gave me very fair prices. He helped me get caught up with all of my taxes and also helped me to get organized for future tax years. I can now breathe a sigh of relief and no longer fear any communications from the IRS. Thanks Mike!

    Mark Graves Fairfax, Virginia
  • Mike Bifalco's tax service is great! I met Mike in 2015 when I had to file my 2014 and 2015 taxes. He saved me a lot of money by finding many deductions and getting the most back on my returns. He also filed my son’s taxes for both those years. Mike is very knowledgeable of all the tax codes and laws and is extremely skilled as a tax preparer. He is also very organized, professional, and explains everything in simple terms so you can understand your taxes. I spoke to a number of other tax preparers and you would be hard pressed to find anyone to match his rates. I recommend Mike to anyone who needs their income taxes done accurately and affordably.

    Tom Naulty Beltsville, MD
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